How to Reply to Instagram Messages: A Guide for Newbie Users

How to Reply to Instagram Messages

"How to Reply to Instagram Messages" A complete guide on how to reply to stories and messages from your Instagram feed.

How to reply to Instagram messages

A special Instagram Message button appears on the Upper-right corner of the screen, tapping it displays a set of options, including another message you can respond to. Swipe up on a message you want to respond to. 

How to share photos in Instagram messages To quickly add images from your phone to an Instagram message, tap the “Share” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This opens a drop-down menu that lists all the available options, including text, stickers, and video. 

At the top of the menu, select the option that corresponds to the photo you want to include in the message. How to reply to Instagram photos If you want to add a photo to an Instagram message, tap the “Share” button to the left of the photo.

Step to Step Process Reply to Instagram Messages

#1. First you open the Instagram App

#2. You will get to see a triangle shape which is the icon of Instagram Messenger, click on it

How to Reply to Instagram Messages

#3. After clicking you will see a new interface Click on "Send a Message"

How to Reply to Instagram Messages

#4. After this you will get to see the list of your friends whom you have followed.

#5. Select the friend to whom you want to send the message and click on the chat button above

How to Reply to Instagram Messages

#6. Now you can send text message and voice message to your friend from here and also you will be able to share pictures from here

How to Reply to Instagram Messages

Liking and Replying to Multiple Instagram  DM’s

You can now directly reply to individual DM’s from your notifications. Simply tap and hold on the notification for a few seconds and you will be given the option to reply or like to a specific DM How to “Follow” Instagram account from a DM If you find that you just happen to be following the same Instagram account from every single DM, then there is an easier way to follow. 

Simply tap and hold the notification and choose “Following” or “Discover” to expand the contact and follow them. 

How to Turn off Push Notifications for Instagram Instagram has decided that they will no longer push notifications unless there is an action required by you. Tap on the notifications and you will be given the option to turn off push notifications.

Sending multiple messages in a row

Swipe up on the message until you see a comment icon, and then slide left or right. You can also click on the down arrow to the left of the message icon to choose multiple users to reply to a message with. 

Screenshot of direct messages on Instagram, via Compensated Content At this point, you can also press the arrow next to the reply button to compose a new message or start typing. Sending text messages on Instagram If you don't see a reply icon to compose a new message, hit the “Reply” button in the top right corner.

You can still compose a new message or start typing by swiping left or right. This is handy when you don't want to start typing a whole new message, but you still want to reply to the message you're in the middle of typing.

When to use "Reply All"

It’s best to use the full feature when responding to group messages. Otherwise, you might appear like a spammer, and the app’s community guidelines suggest messaging individuals only. 

Unsend Messages Although you’ll have to go through one step of having to unsend the message, this option is really great for quickly removing something you send to the wrong person. 

To unsend it, hit the X on the text input field. After that, just hit the message icon, and it will be deleted.

What are emoji?

Emoji represent what you actually say. One smiley face means “I’m happy!” and you can’t do that when you’re hiding from your boss at work. Yes, we love emojis. While they may seem frivolous, they’re actually extremely important in modern communication. 

As kids, we use emojis to say “I’m sorry” and “Please stop hitting me!” Truth be told, our comprehension of accentuation and spelling has moved significantly over the most recent ten years, also the expanding dependence on emoticons.

 It’s not as if we use emojis for no reason, either. We use emojis when we’re really upset, and we use emojis to show gratitude. If you’re not sure how to respond to a message, you might not have the correct emojis. For example, if you send the greeting, “How are you?

What does "Instagram Direct" mean?

You're already posting Stories to Instagram. What is Instagram Direct? It's a messaging service built into Instagram. You can send messages to at least one individuals. These messages disappear in 24 hours, so you can quickly respond. 

Who can use Instagram Direct? When you send a message on Instagram Direct, only you and the recipient can see it. You can see people you are following, and some of the people you've muted. 

Where can I find Instagram Direct? 

You can use Instagram Direct on the desktop and web. Instagram Direct includes many of the features you expect from Instagram. In my profile and interactions, I need more control over who can comment on my posts, follow me, and send me messages. How do I do that? Turn off the checkbox at the top of your profile.

Replying to messages in a group

Follow the instructions above to quickly respond to a message in your group, then continue to swipe left and right on group messages to quickly reply to other people in the group. 

Sharing photos on Instagram Click on the phone icon and then scroll down to find the photo you want to share. Click Share. Select which “Type” of profile you want to share the image with (Photo, Story, Boomerang, etc) to use the type of account you are logged in with Add a hashtag to the photo When you choose the type of profile you want to share the photo with, the photo will be placed in the profile you've selected. 

If there are multiple hashtags, Instagram will suggest one. When you've chosen the hashtag you want, add it as you would on Twitter or Facebook. You can add as many hashtags as you want.

What do I do if the person is offline?

A common problem people get into is replying to someone in a chat only to have that message disappear with no way to reply. Thankfully, you can send a message and the conversation is still active. 

Select your keyboard's language, then hold the icon for that country in the top right corner of the screen and tap it. Next, select your keyboard's language again and tap the same icon again. 

You can now send a message to your friend in that country. The option to view the replies is located to the left of your message list.

What you should know about replying to Instagram DM

Many people, especially celebrities and business people, choose to use Instagram Direct Messages to reply to fans directly. Here’s everything you need to know before using this functionality. 

Here’s how to use Instagram Direct Messaging to reply to Instagram Direct Messages: Go to your main profile. If you aren't already following someone, you can click "See More" to see more accounts you may be interested in following. 

If you aren't already following someone, you can click "See More" to see more accounts you may be interested in following. Click on the “” on the upper right hand corner of your profile page to get to the settings section. Scroll down until you find the "Inbox" option, and then tap on the icon that looks like a blue drawer.

How to reply to Instagram messages on Computer

To get to this feature, open Instagram's site in any internet browser on your PC and explore to the Messages (DM) area. Pick a discussion from the left-hand side of the screen. In the discussion see, discover the message you need to answer to straightforwardly and drift over it.

Here, click the “Reply” button. How to block people on Instagram At the top right-hand corner of your Instagram homepage, you will see three dots at the top. Click the three dots and select the people, accounts, and hashtags you don't want to follow. 

How to delete Instagram After selecting certain people, accounts and hashtags on your Instagram homepage, simply click the "Delete" button. How to disable Instagram Timelines If you're done using Instagram, you can turn off the view of the timeline.

To delete a sent message, click on the trash can icon that is located to the right of the text field and select a message from the Trash can. You can also return to this menu by clicking on the Messages menu, then selecting “Re-read messages,” then selecting “Reply” from the box labeled “Keep” to “Remove.
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Instant messaging is the reason most people get in touch with their friends, and Instagram Direct Messaging is the new form of instant messaging that is taking over our timelines. 

With options like sending stickers and GIFs, GIFs, emoji, quote replies, and emojis, Instagram Direct Messaging makes it easy for users to express their creative side to their friends. 

With Instagram Direct Messaging, you have access to hashtags and @mentions in group chats. You can also change the color of your username as well. 

Take control over your profile to grow your network by using Instagram Direct Messaging. Are you a WhatsApp user? Then Share This Article

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