Top 12: What About You Reply in English

What About You Reply in English

What About You Reply in English
Conversation helps people to better understand each other's feelings and emotions but you know the same type of conversation daily is often frustrating and also increases conversation gap between people.

For example, if I ask what about you then it is possible that every time you may use the same words that is I am fine and yes we know this spreads a negative impact in the long run but we don't have any option.

And also current trends are continuously changing and you must change yourself accordingly with these modern trends.

So, what is the solution?

To get a solution , read this post carefully.  


Hello my name is Anshul and i am here for your help with 10 plus authentic and special replies to what about you that really helps to improve your conversation.

So, let's get started. 

These are the 10+ What About You Reply in English

1.I am fine

2.mood of

3.I don't think

4.prepare for exams. bold

6.Currently I am busy. at a MNC .

8.I am a blogger.

9.I am looking young 

10.what silly question?

11.I am thinking that I want to beat you.

12. struggling brother.

1.I am fine: I am already telling you that I am fine and I am ok are very common words used anywhere by anyone.

Use these words with brother, sister and with family.

2.mood of: when your mood of and when you are disturb with a problem in this situation use mood of as a reply to what about you.

3.I don't think: when you are not in a condition, I mean suppose you are in the bathroom and suddenly someone asks what about you then in this case you don't think any reply so, it would be better you say to him that I don't think.

4.Prepare for exams: when you are preparing for exams and suddenly your relatives arrive at your home and ask what about you then in this situation you can tell them to prepare for exams.

5.Play bold: conversation works with different emotions. You can't imagine any conversation without emotions. You know that generally four types of emotions are used for conversation : happy, sad, funny and probably emotions like flirting are used during conversation between two people. Now play bold with two emotions equally that is funny and flirt, so in order to make your reply play bold with respect to what you do you can choose which emotions related with your replies better.

6. Currently I am busy: when you are busy in your work. And if you are a painter, actor, designer, artist, editor and writer or relate with any professions and services you can use currently I am busy in response to what about you.

7.Work at a MNC. if you are working at a multinational company then show your attitude to your haters and tell them that you are Work at MNC.

8.I am blogger: Oh that's great if you are a blogger like me (that's a joke dude) and passionate about your work and trying to build your content skill then you can say I am a blogger in response to what about you.

9.I am looking young: If you achieve the milestone of 60 and try to impress your mistress at this age you can say in a flirting mood that I am looking young to her. 

10.What silly question: when a stranger doesn't know you and you also don't know him . Instead of that he directly asks  what about you then in this situation you can say to him what silly question he is asking you because you don't know each other.

11.I am thinking that I want to beat you. These words are used during a fight when someone is showing his attitude against you. in this case you can use I am thinking that I want to beat you.

12.Struggling brother: when you are struggling with your family problem and also when you are struggling with any problem but someone doesn't know about your struggle and asks how are you or what about you then in this case you can tell him struggling brother.

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