Happy Friendship Day Reply: Celebrate Life's Greatest Blessing

Happy Friendship Day Reply

Happy Friendship Day Reply: Celebrate Life's Greatest Blessing

Happy Friendship Day

We literally argued like 5 times. And it wasn’t fun at all. But as we started hating each other, we couldn’t even sleep last night as we couldn’t say a bad word. If it wasn’t for texting, I’d have punched him hard today. 

Do you want me to tell you about my first experience of this event? Shall we see that day? This year 25th July happened to be on Friday and we were working on Thursday night. 

Do you know the craziness of a 3 day weekend that was? I was frantically preparing for the weekend as I hadn’t heard from you for days, I was sad, I was feeling abandoned. I came home after a late evening and the first thing I did was send you a message telling you how much I missed you and how I loved you so much. You ignored it. I was so damn sad. So I wrote a bunch of longer messages.

What is Friendship

Friendship is a strong friendship, where the other is the priority. (sureshbabu009) And it's a two-way love. (joeldalefan) Friendship is always dependant upon the state of the other. (huji123) Think Before You Talk Before you say something, please stop. Think about the consequences.

The What's and Whys of Friendship

I am a fan of the phrase, “Opposites attract”. Friends are the people you’ll always find in different worlds yet eternally connected to, or if you are lucky enough, a person you’ll meet for the first time but will be friends with forever.

 I am a hopeless romantic and love to take pictures of people I adore with beautiful sunsets or if the mood is just right. I am a photographer at heart but only in the good sense.

 I love watching classic Hindi films as much as I love listening to Hindustani classical music. The longer distant the people in my life are, the more I play the background music to make them feel special. 

Most times, my support is the unspoken, silent support in our friendship. My friends have helped me overcome different obstacles and faced situations head-on.

How to Cultivate Strong Relationships

His: Yeah, so you don’t mind that our friendship got affected as we were arguing? Me: It’s okay. Let’s take it as a learning experience. He: Yeah, absolutely. Anyway, for the record, I said it was the 25th of July and you started reacting by saying that it’s August or September. I agreed to it.

Me: Yes. Anyway, sorry for that misunderstanding. How are you today? His: Good. How about you? Me: Oh I’m really tired today. Guess I’m getting too old. He: Yeah. You’re getting old. (Now this guy’s cool) Me: Then he left. …so that’s what the days have taught me. 

That sometimes, it is okay to give up things that we think are a must for certain growth. That sometimes, people we live with, for some reason or the other, just don’t work out for us.

How to make your friendship day special?

  1. ILLUSTRATE your friendship and write all the fun you have had together on the notes. I know, you guys already do that. But this time make it more interesting.
  2. Invite him/her to a 'beach vacation' activity at your house You both will get to spend quality time with each other. There will be so many memories made and the mood will be super cool. 
  3. Create a 'Buddhism For Dummies' sheet and invite him to read it. 
  4. Let him cook one of the best dishes that you know. This can be a reunion activity. Don’t overdo. You both are over 18 so you don’t need to do too much. 
  5. When the day comes, just share an amazing day with your best friend. 🙂 If you think these activities are like a load of hot air, you can always keep a regular diary for your friendship day.

Let go of jealousy

What’s the harm in having some minor differences? Spend some time in peace, rather than getting into all these mental arguments These arguments can never be one-sided. Both you and your partner need to speak and engage in a dialogue to sort out your differences.

Take the time to wish your friend good morning, good night, or just "hello"

And also, download the WhatsApp Status App from Google Play Store for more fun and spontaneity.

Send them flowers

As soon as I read this, I knew I had to send my GF a bunch of flowers on her birthday, no matter what the occasion. Here’s how to send her a bunch of flowers Go to any florist shop. Ask for white roses or carnations. Ask for 'romantic bunches' in whatever color you want. 

Get whatever price the shop wants to give you and say you don’t want to be quoted anymore. Please feel free to quote me any amount. Don't get in touch with me again Tina!! If I’m the only one who’s supposed to send you flowers, it’s your problem. 

Not mine. You’re a girl. Grow up. You’re not supposed to get offended that the first time you’ve asked, I’ve got some work to do in the other room. You’re supposed to be thrilled that I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to send you something.

Share memories with them over coffee or tea

Before we forget, here’s a memory I will share with them. Years back, I had met a classmate on a matrimonial website. And, our mutual friend in the office mentioned to him how he was a total nutcase. And this is how I found out.

I asked my friend who told him about my date with this guy and he said, "Oh! He's so hot!" and he showed a few photos of our (class) group and my friend was (obviously) convinced that he was an idiot. Funny, because this guy turned out to be the complete opposite.

 I know I am guilty of having dated a guy for a few months who turned out to be not-so-great, simply because I felt that I couldn't dump him before meeting his parents. If you do that, chances are your crush will think you are a real jerk and dump you. How embarrassing.

What's friendship got to do with love?

Friends are for the rest of our lives. A good friend is like a good parent, the only thing is that you love them, and they love you. And you can break the bond if you know it’s not working anymore but after years and years of friendship, we cannot break it. Don't worry…you aren’t alone. I’m happy you’re my friend.

What's in a relationship

> Love > Friendship > Passion > Trust > Trust > Love What What's in a Friendship? I guess there are few people in this world who never drop the friendship. The day I do this post will have zero views, lol. So you may be thinking, “What is friendship, if not friendship with each other”. 

Well, I have some gems of friends who have been my companions for a while. I met one of my best friends, Angel when I was in 12th standard. We were 10 years old at that time and there were some sweet kisses on cheeks, touching hands, naughty giggles, and laughter.

 It was the coolest time in my life. I do not remember when was that. If you’re wondering why we are still friends now, then read on and get enlightened. What friendship entails?

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The Importance of Friendship in Life

Now, I’m not the kind to want to grow old, sitting alone in a room. My life is not complete without my friends, my ‘girls’! I mean, I would be writing to my best buddies even if I wasn’t online. 

I know they’re reading my messages, not replying because they’re reading my messages. And that’s why I’m calling them my girlfriends 🙂. One of them called me yesterday as I was thinking of having a chat over the phone, but I was too busy so I couldn’t talk. 

I didn’t have her number so I took a chance and called her up. She picked up. I said ‘Hi, I’m sitting in a corner thinking how am I going to catch your call because I didn’t have your number and you answered my call!’ She replied “What? You didn’t call me?” “Yeah, I was about to call you, but I was busy”.

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