About us

Hello everyone, welcome to the About us page of the website ( sstechesa.in ).

Today, through this About us page, we tell you something about ourselves and about this website. So let's get started.

How did sstechesa.in get started?

Dear visitors, let us tell you that we thought of starting sstechesa.in when we saw that there is very less number of information available on the search engine for Hindi content. Even in the top categories of Hindi content, there is a lot of content that has not been written yet, so the need for a blog website was felt which can make Hindi content available in sufficient quantity on the search engine.

Friends, this thinking influenced us and we decided to create a website that can fulfill our purpose and thus sstechesa.in started on 23rd March 2020 . Although we are only a few months old now, so what happened, we are a new emerging hope of Hindi.

sstechesa.in provides content on which category (Hindi Topics)?

So the answer is that on sstechesa you are provided information on topics like Technology, Business, Biographies, General knowledge, Meaning in hindi , BPO Course However, we can add subjects on the Hindi side as well.


So is sstechesa.in website made for students?

A student is one who learns something every day, and every human being is a student, he learns something new every day.

And yes sstechesa.in is made for the students learning new information everyday.

We have made here subjects like Business, General knowledge especially for school and college going students. So that he can get more information related to his subject.

And all the other topics are designed for every single willing learner to learn new things.

#1. Whose website is sstechesa.in? Who is the owner of sstechesa.in?


  • the owner of sstechesa.in is Anshul Sharma. It lives in Rae Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh state of India.
  • He likes to share new information among people.
  • If we talk about Anshul Sharma's studies, then he has studied BSE from Kanpur University. He has also done Diploma in Computer. And at present he is a student of BSE final year. 

#2. About SSTECHESA Blog Author Mr. Shashank Singh

Mr. Shashank Singh

  • Shashank Singh is the author of my blog,
  • He lives at Rae Bareli Uttar Pradesh INDIA He has been working on my blog since I started it.
  • Talking about his studies, he is a student of B.A 2nd year, he has good knowledge of English and general knowledge,
  • this is because their subjects are English and General Knowledge.
  • His subjects are also related to this. 
  • He writes most of the posts of Hindi meaning and general knowledge on my blog.

Is the content available on sstechesa.in important and informative?

Yes, you guys be absolutely sure that every article made available on sstechesa.in here is absolutely informative and important, well researched and updated.

We do not share or will share any information here that is not made for our visitors and audience.

One thing on the go.

Thanks for visiting sstechesa.in. And thank you for knowing about us.

Let us move ahead and take Hindi to new heights again.

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